My Fitness Journey (So Far)

If you follow me online, you probably know that fitness is a huge part of my life. For the past 10+ years, I’ve really made it a habit and love it! Since I was young, I had to do something “active” like most kids, so my fitness story has been evolving for a while. :)

3-7ish years old: Dance and gymnastics. I liked it at first then didn’t. I wasn’t the best or worst, but it was just okay. I picked gymnastics up again around 10 years old and it was kind of tragic.

5-7ish years old: Soccer.  I was not good! I mostly just stood there and when the ball came to me, I kicked it away, lol.

7-14 years old: Swimming. My main sport! I was pretty good when I started, then it became much more of a social thing. I was there for the Pixie Sticks and pasta salad. :) Also, my Grandpa would take me to Hoss’s every week and I would go to TOWN on the salad bar, ha. I really had a great time with swimming most of the time, and it kept me in decent shape. I swam about 3-4x per week for 60+ minutes in the winter, and every day for about 45 minutes in the summer.


12-14 years old: Lacrosse. I played in middle school and it was fun! It was the first time I actually sort of enjoyed running. Update: I don’t like it anymore. Bless all of you marathoners out there. #RunningIsAwful

14-18 years old: Most of my exercise came in the form of show choir practice and musical rehearsals. Surprisingly, it was a good workout! My senior year, I was an Indian in Peter Pan, and we seriously ran a LOT and did some intense dancing. My legs were covered in bruises from all the jumping on the sets, but I had fun and it definitely conditioned me.  Once in a while, I would get on the treadmill or do a Tae Bo tape too, lol.

                  What up, 2006?

What up, 2006?

18-20 years old: The crazy exercise years. I started running the summer before college to lose some weight, and I looked good before I left. As I mentioned in my food story, these were some rough years for me. Once college got really awful and stressful, I started working out ALL the time.  It mostly started as a way to maintain control of my life and get out of my dorm room, but soon became an obsession. Sadly, I lost friends over this time in my life, and I was not my self at all. It was awful!

20-22 years old: Things got better once I transferred colleges, and I started to approach exercise like a normal person. I did a lot of yoga classes, group fitness classes, cardio on the bike, elliptical, etc. plus lots of walking at college.

22-27-ish years old: This was basically a random assortment of exercises, mostly consisting of yoga, exercise videos, and barre type stuff. While I LOVED these workouts and they were fun (and burned!), I didn’t really see results. My diet probably didn’t allow for that either, but I just don’t think these were the right workouts for me. Not that it has to be results-oriented, but I wanted to see SOME muscle and strength gains for my efforts, and I wasn’t seeing them here. Some people have outstanding results with both types of workouts! Every body is different.

27-30 years old: I discovered weight lifting! I always made fun of/was annoyed by Chad’s love of lifting, mainly because it meant we had to haul his enormous weight sets everywhere we moved, ha. I didn’t understand it! But then, about 3 years ago, I decided to give it a try without any expectations. I started REALLY easy and light and worked my way up from there. Now, I lift heavy about 4-5 days per week, with 1 day of more bodyweight/light strength and a little bit of cardio.


I really don’t do much cardio besides about 20-30 minutes of dog walking per day, and maybe an additional 15-20 minutes (TOTAL PER WEEK) on the Elliptical or bike. It ruins my gains, yo. ;) I mostly do Workouts by Katya and I’ve had awesome results from them. Additionally, I just LOVE it. I love to blast music and zone out and get stronger. Weights also changed my body a LOT for the better.

Okay, that was super long! Let me know if you have any questions - and thank you for reading. :)



5 Things Friday: November 9

Happy Friday, friends! This week flew by. Here are some of my favorite things from the past few weeks. :)

1) Melting Pot


We went to The Melting Pot last weekend with Jale and it was SO good. I really love how it’s a leisurely dining experience that’s a good 2 hours long. This was only our second time ever going and it was just as good as last time. We love the food and the experience - major shout out to the super fresh shrimp and the Oreo Marshmallow chocolate fondue at the end!

2) Happy Hour @ Jale’s

Since Jale has halfway moved here, I love going over most afternoons for Happy Hour. We Skype every weekday when they’re in PA anyway, so this is just in person. We have a drink and some snacks in the pool and just talk about our days. It’s the best!


3) Zevia Sparkling Water

I bought this on a whim at The Fresh Market in Jupiter the other day, and I LOVE it! It’s so refreshing. It’s made with stevia, so it’s sweetened already. I often sweeten my regular sparkling water with stevia anyway, so this is easier. :) I ordered a whole case on Amazon too!


4) Ideal Nutrition

A year or so ago, Chad and I would get most our meals from Ideal Nutrition, a meal delivery service. They have a huge local delivery area and their food is SO good. It’s healthy, but not in a “eat plain chicken and broccoli” every night kind of way. NO way could I handle that, haha.

They have ribs, pizza, cheesy chicken and other really great meals. You get to choose them on their site as well, which is great. The best thing is they’re only $7 each, which is so reasonable. We don’t get them as often now since Chad is Keto and I’m more busy/going out more, but once in a while we’ll sign up again.


5) Plantain Chips

Dale had these at the house the other day and they’re amazing. I’ve had plantain chips before, but they’re usually not the best from the store. These taste like the kind you get in restaurants, and they’re a perfect mix of sweet and salty. I need to get some for myself!


Okay, so I just noticed these are all food related, lol! Guess I was really hungry this week. :)

Enjoy your weekend!



Fashion Update: Latest Outfits

Hey there! I figured I’d ease into more consistent blogging with a fashion post. :) Aka what I’ve been wearing lately! I love shopping and clothes and all the online boutiques.

So this is what I’m loving, along with what they were worn for and where I got them.


Top Row:

  • Outfit: Black high-neck shirt bodysuit; Leopard flowy pants | Worn to anniversary dinner | Purchased From: Dottie Couture Boutique (both)

  • Outfit: Buffalo plaid off-the-shoulder top; Black leggings | Worn to dinner @ The Melting Pot | Purchased From: Top from Pulse Boutique; Leggings from Kohl’s (old)

  • Outfit: Hocus Pocus T-shirt; black leggings | Worn on Halloween | Purchased From: Top from Amazon; Leggings from Kohl’s (old)

  • Outfit: Green midi dress | Worn to wedding rehearsal dinner (as the planner) | Purchased From: Amazon

  • Outfit: Black tank top jumpsuit | Worn to work a wedding for 11+ hours! | Purchased From: Ollie Marie Boutique

Bottom Row:

  • Outfit: Flowy, one arm tunic; Ponte pants | Worn to a wedding final walkthrough in Palm Beach | Purchased From: Top is Michael Kors @ Macy’s (this is old-ish); Ponte pants are from Kohl’s (old)

  • Outfit: Black strapless jumpsuit | Worn to dinner @ Seasons 52 | Purchased From: Dottie Couture Boutique

  • Outfit: Cheetah romper | Worn to run errands/shop | Purchased From: Closet Candy Boutique

  • Outfit: Black striped tie-front dress | Worn to dinner, I think! | Purchased From: Dottie Couture Boutique

  • Outfit: Blue and pink cheetah print jumpsuit | Worn to see Phantom of the Opera | Purchased From: Poshmark, but it’s from H&M originally (old!)

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you have any sizing or other questions. :)



5 Things Friday: November 2

Hi there! It’s been a minute. My big wedding is done and another event wraps up tomorrow, so I’m hoping to devote more time to blogging.

I’ve been getting lots of fun clothes in (Chad is thrilled, lol), so I want to share those as well.

Happy Friday and weekend!

1) Rothy’s

For my wedding this weekend, I was on my feet for about 12 hours. Weddings (and many events in general) are just loooooooong, long days. I had purchased comfort flats in the past, and while they were okay, I still had some small blisters and foot pain after. I’m happy to say that was NOT the case with Rothy’s! I had a few scary moments about 3-4 hours in where I could see a TINY blister forming, but it never continued to form and stopped hurting. Also, my feet were really not sore beyond the night of. 12 hours is a long time, so normal wear would be extremely comfortable.


They’re not cheap, but for people looking for a super comfy, supportive shoe, they’re a great option. Also, they have cute styles like cheetah print. ;) I’d say the normal flats (round toe) are true to size.

2) The Colony


Speaking of my wedding last weekend, it was held at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach. It’s a really adorable boutique hotel that has a ton of bright colors. It’s totally my style and was decorated by Carleton Varney, who runs the Dorothy Draper design/decorating studio and did The Greenbrier, etc. Lots of palm print, animal prints, old Florida with some modern elements. I love all the color mixed with classic prints and styles. I’m obsessed!

3) Pacifica Perfume


Pacifica is a more natural perfume/skincare/makeup brand that has really great products. My favorite is their spray perfume. I get the Indian Coconut Nectar Spray Perfume and it smells heavenly. Just like the beach! I think they even sell it at Target now, but you can also get it on their website and on Amazon. They have tons of other scent options too!

4) Graze


Graze is a snack subscription service that also sells individually packed snack options. I tried the $1 first box (dang you, Instagram ads, lol) and it was a hit. I really loved the snacks I received, and you get 8 individually-wrapped options each month. You can even go through the website and tell them which snacks you wouldn’t want to receive.

My second box just got here and every option is one that I would’ve chosen myself. I also like that you can buy multipacks of your favorites, as well as larger bags of them too. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep the subscription, but I think I’ll keep buying individual snacks from them.

5) Anniversary Ring

This past Monday was our 8th wedding anniversary, and Chad got me this beautiful ring!


I actually sent him the link to it several months ago, but I really wasn’t giving any hints, haha. I send him stuff all the time! I was really surprised when he gave it to me, and it’s gorgeous. I loved the pink accents, neat design, and rose gold. Thanks, CN! :)

Have a great weekend, all - thank you for reading! :)