5 Things Friday: October 19

This week felt pretty slow, then suddenly, it was Friday! We’re hanging out here tonight - training the dogs, eating Chick-fil-A, watching scary movies. :) Tomorrow, we’re off to see Phantom of the Opera in Fort Lauderdale! It’s one of my favorite shows and I can’t wait.

Without further ado…here are my 5 things!

1) Betty Crocker Mug Cakes

These things are GOOD. I’ve made homemade mug cakes in the past and while they’re good, these are better, lol. Probably all those lovely chemicals, haha. I’ve only tried the brownie one so far, but I hear good things about the funfetti one too!


2) Trader Joe’s Skull Planter


I saw this in the Trader Joe’s flyer and HAD to have it! It’s so cute. I love all things skulls for decor, and Halloween is my favorite. It has a succulent planted in it now, but I might change that up eventually. They had a bunch of color choices, but I really love the orange.

3) New headbands


Okay, that Snapchat filter with the glasses and bunny ear headband?! ADORABLE. I looked up real ones on Amazon and found this multipack. I’ve been wearing them all week - LOVE.

4) Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer

This is the best concealer! Well, I’m not super knowledgeable about concealers, but I’ve always loved this one. It really covers any acne or dark spots, and it’s great for the under eye area too. I use two different colors - one for blemishes (Warm 31) and one for under eye (Warm 27).


5) Breeze Block

Chad made me a breeze block for Christmas last year with his 3-D Printer! It’s that white shape in the photo. We looked online for a plastic one for decor but didn’t have any luck. Decorative breeze blocks are popular in (or outside) old Florida homes, as well as mid-century modern style, which is my favorite! You won’t find anything rustic in my house - I’m all about this look and the Dorothy Draper style.


Thank you so much for reading - enjoy your weekend! xo


5 Things Friday: October 12

Happy October, all! Now that my upcoming and last wedding is soon, I’ve created a blogging schedule to keep me more consistent. :) I have a lot I want to share, so I’m excited to get on a better schedule. That being said, here’s another 5 things for you!

1) Ripple Chocolate Protein Shakes


These shakes are goooooood, yo. I have one every single day after my workout. I used to drink the OWYN shakes, and while they were really good, I always felt hungry about 2 hours later. These really keep me full until lunch, and I’m not sure why! It’s the same kind of protein (plant protein - pea) and similar calories. I’m not dairy free, but I find that whey protein shakes upset my stomach. Either way, it tastes like a less sweet chocolate milk and I really crave them. I find that if I have donuts or something else for breakfast, I really miss my protein shake! Sometimes I’ll even have one for lunch too because they’re so good.

2) Striped KS Purse

Jodi bought me this gorgeous purse for my 30th birthday! I’m finally *almost* ready to use it full time. My green/blue one is getting a little bit worn, and I can’t wait to use this one. It’s so classic and gorgeous, and I feel like it fits my style really well! Black and white goes with everything. :)


3) Belgian Chocolate from Whole Foods

Omg, this stuff is so good. I first tried it years ago, forgot about it, and saw it last night when we stopped into Whole Foods. It’s just creamy and rich and delicious. Go get some noooowww!


4) Playing Hector with Vida

When we play catch with Vida, we use this orange Kong toy that we’ve named “Hector.” Don’t ask me why, lol. I just liked it! Anyway, she really loves it and I find that it’s such a fun way to hang out with her and burn some energy. We usually play about 3 afternoons per week for a few minutes and we both love it. She’s SO cute doing it too, and I love taking portrait mode pics. :) I would play with Daisy but she isn’t into fetch at all, lol. :(


5) Our Beaches

Everyone loves the beach, and I especially love ours. We live about 10-15 mins from the beach, but sadly, we don’t go all that often. Maybe once per month or so? We used to go every week, but life gets in the way! When we go, I’m reminded why it’s one of my favorite places in the world. It’s so calming and beautiful, and it’s fun to see the dogs and people and just be in nature. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of living in this gorgeous place. <3


Thank you for reading! :)


5 Things Friday: September 28

Hi all! I’ve missed a few weeks. Things have been craaaazy. I swear I have intentions of doing other blog posts, but I need to make the time. I’m hoping after my wedding (not MY wedding, but the one I’m planning :) in October is over, I’ll have some more downtime.

1) Water Spray & Gua Sha


Have you heard of Gua Sha? It’s a Chinese beauty treatment that basically scrapes your skin. I’ve never tried body Gua Sha, but I love the facial version! It involves this rose quartz pink (or green jade) tool and you move it very slowly over your face everyday. I followed this tutorial and do a modified version most nights. I spray my face with this water spray beforehand and it works perfectly to seal in moisture. It helps to use a facial oil before/after the water spray as well!

2) My jumpsuit from my cousin’s wedding


I got this bebe jumpsuit from Amazon and I LOVE it. It was so comfy and fit well - so crucial. Also, good for dancing. :)  I thought it was reasonably priced and it was perfect for a wedding. I paired it with a cheetah clutch, some black/gold fancy earrings, and cheetah heels.

3) Wagon Wheel Red Cake: Wagon Wheel is a tiny restaurant in Delmont, PA that I used to go to growing up. When I was home recently, Jale got me a few slices of their famous red cake. The best thing about it is that it does NOT have cream cheese icing! I really don’t like red cake with cream cheese icing, so this is perfect. It’s SO good and 10x better in the fridge. :)


4) MGK: If you’ve known me for 5 minutes, you know I’m obsessed with Machine Gun Kelly. He’s one of my favorite artists and I think he’s really talented, and duh, attractive. He owns my workout playlists and I listen to him constantly! Chad makes fun of me for this regularly, LOL.

You probably know of him from his current Eminem feud (lol) - he’s crazy, but I just love him. I often think that I’ll meet him randomly someday in the airport and it will be so tragic because I would have NO clue what to say!

Best songs: Alpha Omega, Bad Things, Let You Go


5) Princess Diana Biography


In keeping with my Royal obsession, I bought this biography of Diana before I left for PA a few weeks ago. I know a little bit about Princess Diana, but I wanted to learn more. I remember watching her funeral with my mom. :( I only read about 60-70 pages since I ended up talking to my airplane seat mates most of the time, but it was really good so far! I look forward to finishing it now that I’m home.

Have a great weekend, friends! :)



5 Things Friday: September 7

Hi all! I missed a week, but I'm back with another 5 Things Friday. This week flew by! Usually short weeks feel longer, so I appreciate this. :)

1) Coolinary Cafe's Chicken + Jalapeno Cheddar Waffles


Oh my gosh, this was so good!!! The chicken was seasoned so well and the waffle was perfectly cooked. The jalapeno and cheddar flavors were not overwhelming at all, and there was some kind of sweet sauce on top. We had been wanting to try Coolinary Cafe for a long time and I'm glad we did!

2) This picture with Jale


My parents visited this weekend we had a great time! I love this picture - it cracks me up. We went to one of my all-time favorite restaurants: HMF @ The Breakers Palm Beach. It's fancy and their food and drink choices are amazing. I love getting dressed up and going there for dinner!

3) My new cheetah blanket


Someone please take the cheetah away from me; I'm so obsessed! This one is from Amazon and it's really soft. I asked Chad if we could have a cheetah rug in the living room, but he said that it would be like living in a 12-year-old's bedroom. :(

4) Bully Box

I recently signed up for the Bully Box with Urban Suburban Apparel. They're a shirt/merchandise company that sells items to support their dog rescue. They do an amazing job and their stuff is so cute. For $10 per month, they'll send you a random shirt in your selected size. This is only my second month, but what I've received so far is adorable! My dog obsession continues. #alwaysadognerd


5) This new mint/white striped shirt


I bought this shirt because it gives me soo many Dorothy Draper vibes! The mint and white and striped look is really common in her designs. It's an interior design style that's seen in places like The Greenbrier and Grand Hotel. It's just so classy, elegant and timeless! I want to redo my whole house in this style. :)

Thank you for reading - have a great weekend!