5 Things Friday: July 27

We're back for another 5 Things Friday! A collection of random things that I love...

1) Leather Earrings


I'm OBSESSED with leather earrings! They're so lightweight, affordable and cute. I have several pairs - mostly gold or cheetah print. So far, I've purchased from here and here on Etsy and love them all!

2) Cane + Austin Pads


These things are A.MAZING!!! I've been working really hard on my skin to try to get rid of acne and acne scars, and these have been a huge part of that. I went away from them for a while, and honestly, my skin didn't look nearly as healthy or glowy. They're not cheap, but SO worth it.

3) My Special DQ Blizzard


Omg. I have the best order from Dairy Queen, if you're a chocoholic like I am.

Ask for a:

  • (Size) blizzard, made with chocolate ice cream, brownies, rainbow sprinkles, and cocoa fudge. Add extra cocoa fudge. It is INSANE!

4) Glade No. 3 Free Candles

I first saw these candles at an open house, and I thought they would be really expensive based on how they looked. They also smelled REALLY good. I took a photo of the candle in the house and researched it afterwards. Turns out, it's from Glade and only about $5! I've purchased SO many of them and love how they look so simple, classy, and smell amazing.


5) Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are supposed to block out the harmful light from electronic devices. Since I work from my computer 8+ hours per day, I figured these would be a good idea. I didn't even know they existed until Chad told me about them! I ordered a pair a few weeks ago, and I do feel like I see a difference in eye strain. I have some friends who suffer from headaches, and they've seen a big difference too! Here are the ones that I bought from Amazon.


Thank you for reading, friends! Enjoy your weekend. :)


My Food Philosophy

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I love food. I post about it a lot and it's a big part of my life.

I get a lot of messages about food, what I eat, how I eat "unhealthy" foods, etc. I think it's cool, and I love talking about food with other people.  It does make me think a lot about my own food philosophy and how I got here.


A while ago, I went to Happy Hour with a friend and we were talking about eating, working out, etc. Two things I love! It got me thinking about my food "journey" - my background in food has been sort of like this:

  • eating normally as a kid
  • eating a lot as a competitive swimmer, lots of activity!
  • dieting off/on in high school
  • extreme disordered eating and obsessive exercise in college. not fun.
  • healthy eating/working out but still guilty about food after college
  • now here. Probably in the absolute healthiest place I've ever been with either one. It's not perfect - does anyone ever feel 100% about this stuff, 100% of the time? It's rare. But I can say that I don't really feel much guilt, and I don't punish myself anymore. 

These are some of the rules that I live by:

-I eat what I truly want as often as I can. When I eat what I "should" eat, I just end up eating more things trying to fill the void that I could've avoided by eating what I wanted from the beginning!

-Savor my food. I'm a fast eater, but I've been trying to slow down more and enjoy.

-I don't label food as "good" or "bad" - I've learned to see it neutrally. Honestly, I feel like my body is intuitive and tells me what I need. Sometimes it's fries, sometimes it's veggies.


-All food groups are welcome.

-NOTHING is off limits! Nothing. I like to try new foods. Also, when things are "off limits," I just want them more. When you can have anything, anytime? You don't need it so badly.

-I try not to gorge or stuff myself. I like to eat until I feel comfortable. I've really come to NOT enjoy the feeling of being stuffed.

-I don't think food needs to be "worked off."  Enjoy it and go back to your normal exercise routine because it makes you feel good, not for punishment.

-Find a workout/movement you love and make it a regular part of your life. You'll feel better, more fit, and healthy. I feel best working out about 5x per week and then walking/beaching/cleaning on the weekends. More on my fitness routine to come!

-Don't focus on weight loss. I did lose weight over the last 2 years once I became more intuitive and introduced weight lifting, but it's been S-L-O-W and unintentional. I prefer this because it feels more stable and sustainable.


Overall, I think everyone should do what makes them feel good. Chad is on a keto diet, so we obviously eat very differently. It works for him, so that's cool! I do miss our shared appetizers though, lol. :(

Thank you for reading!


5 Things Friday: July 20

5 Things Friday is back by popular demand from my friend Jodi, haha. Such a following! But she's amazing, so I'll do it just for her. :)

I'll be sharing some of my favorite things, whether it's a product, food (let's be honest - this will be 90% of these) moment, photo, article, etc.

1. RawSkinCeuticals

I found out about this natural makeup and skincare company through YouTube. I happened to run across a video where someone mentioned the brand as part of their acne recovery and daily makeup routine.


They offer samples, so I ordered some colors and fell in love! I feel like the cream foundation is a little lightweight (I'm working on improving my skin) for me, but I LOVE the powder foundation.  It's light, 100% natural, and great for your skin! I still set it with setting powder since I'm oily AF, but I use a lot less now. I plan to do a full makeup routine post soon! 

My sister-in-law also got a sample pack and ended up loving the Vitamin C anti-aging products, so I just ordered those recently too.  They're awesome so far and really seem to be helping my skin!

2. My Purple Romper


I'm obsessed with online boutiques! I usually have pretty good luck with them, and they have all the good sales. :) I just ordered this romper from Pink Lily Boutique during one of the sales and wasn't sure what to expect. Rompers can be kind of hit or miss, but I usually love them!

This one is super comfy and I love the bow detail. Rompers are basically pajamas for real life and I'm totally down with that!

3. Bliss More

The last 3 on this list are here because of the Royal Family and/or Meghan Markle. I'm just obsessed. When reading about Meghan a while ago, I heard that she's into meditation. I meditate here and there but don't have a strong practice, so I looked up her teacher.  Lo and behold, he wrote a book!

bliss more light watkins book

So I ordered it and I've been half following the 21 day challenge. I'm loving it so far and want to keep up with it. Meditation is still hard for me (and many others), but it's getting better, and I really like how he explains the process and lets it not be this "perfect" thing.

4. The Royals

No real explanation needed. I've joined more Duke/Duchess of Sussex, Royal Family, Cambridges, Meghan Markle/The Tig Instagram pages than I care to admit. I love following the fashion and activities during all of their outings. Their lives just fascinate me!


I also really loved the wedding. Duh.

5. Suits


Another Meghan reference, but she's a really small part about why I love this show so much. I can't believe it took me so long to get into it! It's AMAZING. Smart, funny, dramatic - everything. #TeamHarvey

It's also super addicting and we watch at least 1-2 episodes per day. Any other Suits fans out there?

Thanks for reading, yo!


Fashion Update: Latest Outfits

I had some requests to do fashion posts, so I thought I'd start here. I really love online shopping, and I've accumulated some favorite styles and stores lately.

My style could be described as: mostly comfy, a touch of glam, and lots of leopard print. :)  I don't wear jeans often, love rompers, and usually can be found in leggings.

Some of my recent outfit posts:


Top Row:

Bottom Row:

As you can see, I really love Kohl's and boutiques. :)

Some of my favorite online boutiques:

  • Dottie Couture Boutique
  • Flaunt Boutique
  • Vici Collection
  • Pink Lily Boutique
  • Pink Desert Boutique
  • Ollie Marie Boutique

Where do you like to shop? Do you love leopard print as much as I do? haha..